David Flores Sunglass


This March, Oakley will be offering an exclusive sunglass with an artistic treatment designed by David Flores. This will be the first original David Flores Signature Sunglass.

David Flores is well known for his portraits of celebrities and renderings of cultural icons. His unique artistic style involves crisscrossing curved line segments that almost remind us of the metal structure found in stained glass work. Toy collectors have already been given a taste of David Flores in designer form through the recently released “Evil” and “Bad 8” Dunnys and Kidrobot’s “Konartis”.

When not traveling to either Europe or Japan, Flores calls Santa Barbara, CA home. With one of the most recognized styles in the art world, it’s a sure bet David Flores will be continuing his designs long after the hype settles down. We invite you to view more of his creations at www.davidfloresart.com.

If you’re interested in meeting David Flores, he will be making a tour of the West Coast from March 19-23 to showcase his new Signature Sunglass by Oakley. Feel free to come by and meet him in person and check out some of his art as well as his new sunglass at any of the stops listed below:

3/19 – San Francisco – Oakley Store
Location : 842 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
When : 7 :00-9 :00 P.M.

3/20 – Santa Cruz – Pacific Wave
Location : 1502 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
When : 7 :00-9 :00 P.M.

3/21 – Los Angeles – Republic
Location : 650 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
When : 8 :00-11 :00 P.M.

3/22 – Costa Mesa – Active Ride Shop
Location : 2937 Bristol Street # D
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
When : 7 :00-9 :00 P.M.

3/23 – San Diego – Oakley Store
Location : 460 5th Avenue Suite # 2-113
San Diego, CA. 92101-6912
When : 7 :00-9 :00 P.M.


Staff Writer


March 19, 2007

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