Oakley Skier Pep Fujas Returns To Action With A Second Place Finish At The Red Bull Cold Rush

Pep Fujas is the first competitor to tackle the Mine Cart rail feature - Erik Seo

In his first ever big-mountain event, Oakley skier, Pep Fujas scored BIG points in the Red Bull Cold Rush competition held in Silverton, Colorado. Pep was returning to competition for the first time in “five or six years” when he snagged second place in the three-day backcountry freeskiing competition. The event is peer judged and includes a variety of events such as Slopestyle, Big Mountain and Cliffs.

While Pep proudly touted his second place finish, he was also the only male skier who could boast a clean record for the entire week, as the lone competitor without a spill throughout the event. Held back by injuries the season before, Pep returned to shatter any doubt that his unfortunate brushes with injury would carry over into this season and affect his performance. While Dane Tudor came out on top of the event, Pep’s style and consistency were on prime display at the prestigious competition set in Colorado’s Southern San Juan Range. Not only did he look great doing it, Pep had a killer time on and off the mountain.

“This contest doesn’t even really feel like a contest,” Pep said. “You’re going out there skiing with a bunch of your friends and just rooting everyone on, and you want everybody to do well. It’s more like a session than anything. I never got really nervous or crazy competitive and zoned in and focused on trying to be the best.”

Also competing in the Red Bull Cold Rush were Oakley team members Logan Pehota who took sixth overall and Sean Pettit, coming in tenth.

Ski fans in the US can catch all the action from the event on March 24th when NBC will air the footage at 1pm EST/10amPST.

Big shout out to Pep for a stellar return to competition!