Bob Burnquist on Tour with Nitro Circus Down Under

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Oakley’s own Bob Burnquist is featured in the second episode of Network A’s new series “On The Road With The Nitro Circus Crew.”

Bob and Travis Pastrana go way back so when Travis invited Bob to join the Nitro Circus tour Down Under, his answer was obvious even if he may have had some reservations at first.

This episode features Bob going after “The Dreaded Loop” during a live show in Australia and dives a little deeper with the legendary skateboarder to uncover some of his other lesser known talents and passions.

“I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, [but] this is just completely different. It’s been great!” said Bob, a self-admitted fan traveling on tour. “It’s pushed me in a different direction.”

A direction I think you’ll all like so check it out for yourself:


Elishia Matta


July 18, 2012