Calling All Foodies: 5-Star Dining at the Oakley Safehouse


One of the things people claim to miss most while traveling is a home cooked meal. This is precisely why the creators of the Oakley Safehouse in London took great care in creating daily menus that would satisfy that desire regardless of where home might be.

A virtual pop-up restaurant was built inside the London Design Museum, which serves a hot breakfast, lunch, traditional teatime treats, classic antipasto plates and family style dinners each day during the Games.

While the emphasis is on making the athletes feel at home, the menu was also carefully constructed with meals using fresh, local grown ingredients to provide balanced and nutrition conscience options. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a plethora of staggeringly delicious desserts on display at all times to tempt even the most steadfast dietician.

Serving any where from 400 to 500 guests per day the Oakley Safehouse is constantly buzzing with athletes dining together like one big Oakley family. Just the way we like it!


Elishia Matta


August 08, 2012

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