Oakley Wildcard Wins Oakley Pro Jr


Australian Oakley head to toe surfer, Brent Dorrington, came into town as one of Oakley’s event wildcards for the Oakley Pro Jr. at Lower Trestles. Over the course of the event Brenno smashed all of America’s top Amateur surfers at the first stop of the ASP Oakley Pro Jr. West Coast Series in conjunction with the Macy’s California Trifecta. By taking home 1st place, Brenno grabbed the check for $2500.

In the very intense final Brent Dorrington threw down an 8.17 point ride in the beginning of the final heat, while only needing a 4.5 to take the lead from the reigning North American Jr. Champ, Eric Geiselman. With ten seconds left a perfectly lined up left swung towards the point, Geiselman and Dorrington both scratched for it, but Geiselman was too far out. Brenno nabbed it and smashed it to the beach and dropped a 5.73 as the final horn blew. Not knowing what he needed Brenno saw the boys running down the beach toward him, and then it hit him, Brenno had clinched the win.

With Dorrington taking the win at the prestige Lower Trestles he is now in the points lead to win the Macy’s Jr. Trifecta, which consists of three stops. Brenno will come back to the states in September to compete in the Newport Pro/Oakley Pro Jr. and in October to finish up at Steamer Lane at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic/Oakley Pro Jr., a three star stop that makes up the Macy’s California Jr. Trifecta. If Brenno wins the overall title he will take home an additional $5,000 bonus and be the first none American to win the Macy’s Jr. Trifecta.


  1. - Brent Dorrington (AUS) 13.90
  2. - Eric Geiselman (USA) 12.77
  3. - Cory Arrambide (USA) 12.67
  4. - Nick Rozsa (USA) 0.77


Staff Writer


April 30, 2007