Day 1 - The Oakley Arctic Challenge


Science and Transition finally met eye-to-eye today with the start of The 2007 Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo, Norway. After countless hours of hard work, Terje Haakonsen and company look to have the first scientifically built transition Quarterpipe.

At 11am practice started, after a local press conference and riders meeting to discuss the days schedule. Within a few warm-up runs, Haakon blasted a smooth ten foot air… from there the session took off with several riders boosting out above the Oslo city skyline.

Manuel Pietropoli launched some seven plus meters into what looked to be the stratosphere. The 10-meter mark is well within sight after Day One’s session. Look for riders to continue dropping from higher up the 200-foot drop-in ramp!

Other top highlights had to be 14 year-old, Matt Ladley charging from the top of the ramp with Terje, Dustin Craven and Pat Moore. Some more riders are headed north to “The Arctic” tomorrow for what looks to be a record setting year for TAC!

I will have more information, stories and photos as the week continues on and Superfinal Saturday draws closer.